Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hello sweet readers,

This is a new adventure for me. This will be my first blog post and I am so thankful for friends who have helped me navigate through, for me, what I consider rough waters. A super special thanks you to Miss Susan.

I am at a writer's retreat nestled on a beautiful lake, with the good Lord's sun shinning upon my uplifted face. I pray as I write that this blog that it will be a blessing and deliver some southern charm along the way. I hope to share some of my mother's recipes sprinkled among scripture and poetry.

Come go home with me to my old farmhouse and let's see what is on the stove and in my heart next week.

My prayer is that you will come go with me to my heavenly home some day.

You are loved, my sweet friends (old and new).

Dee Dee


  1. Love your blog, Dee Dee! Come visit me at

  2. Way to go, Dee Dee! I love what you've done with the place. :-)

  3. I would go home with you any day! I look forward to seeing what's on the stove -- and especially in your heart -- next time. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  4. DeeDee,

    I love it, precious friend! Your words wrap me up and hug me tight! I love the title and can hear my aunts and cousins saying those very words. It is beautiful and I will always be smelling the balsam when you post. I will be sending you a picture of your new best friends shortly. Love to you and can't wait to see you again soon.

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  5. So glad I found your blog Aunt Dee Dee. After reading it and seeing the pics, I feel like I have already slipped back in time with my memories of "home". The picture of the rooster on the front porch reminded me of the many times I have laughed and played in that front yard and sat on that very stoop with the screen door open listening to the sound of singing inside. Yes, I will LOVE following your posts and COMING HOME WITH YOU!!!!