Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh, didn't it rain?

I woke to the sound of rain plopping on my 100-year plus tin roof…again! That sound has in the past sung me to sleep, provided a background symphony as I read a book, given me an excuse to linger in the bed a little longer, and caused me to give thanks I had a home that was warm and dry.

This spring and summer I have complained…complained a lot! I watched as my driveway washed away over and over again, watched my garden give in to torrents of rain that caused blight and rot, and watched as slides and sink holes occurred here in the mountains.

I saw cookouts cancelled, Easter egg hunts taken inside, and concerts rained out.

I’ve watched as weeds, watered by the rains, grew to heights unseen before. I watched cows in the front pastures huddle with their new calves under trees. I’ve seen my precious pooch, Greta, decide she could wait until the rain stopped to go potty.

After yet another rant about the amount of rain, I wrapped myself in a quilt as scenes of my childhood engulfed me. I loved mud puddles and did a happy dance in every one I could find. I remember my mother fussing about me ruining a pair of my lacey white “Sunday socks” after one of those dances. Then there were mud filled sandwiches between two maple leaves when I played restaurant with my friends. Memories of stopping to view a double rainbow with my mother filled me with joy. I even volunteered to put the cloud with raindrops on the flannel board at Sunday school.

One of my favorite pictures is of my college friend walking across campus in the pouring rain with a big smile on her face. I remember getting caught in the rain with high school friends and our wool coats smelling like wet dogs.

I heard it is going to rain for the next few days, but I am going to change my attitude. First I will read scripture dealing with rain such as Job 5:10

He bestows rain on the earth; He sends water upon the countryside.

And 2 Samuel 23:4

He is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, like the brightness after rain that brings the grass from the earth.

I am going to rejoice when the sky opens up. I might invite my hubby for a stroll in a late summer drizzle.

The rain falls to earth.
A gift from on high
I will give thanks and
Revel under the rainbow.

Take heart sweet reader, the sun will shine again. I pray the rain will fall soft and sweet upon you.

Come go home with me (bring an umbrella!)

Dee Dee


  1. Beautiful, Dee Dee. I'm with you on all the summer washouts. Gracious, all the rain we've had! But I love the image of the light coming after the rain and the grass growing toward it. As Solomon said, there's a time for everything. I hope this fall is a time for beautiful leaves and not-as-much rain.

    Hugs from up the mountains!

  2. Such beautiful words! And yes...we've had tons of rain, and I'm sorry for those it's caused problems for, but I absolutely love the rain. I love night time as well, so I'm thinking I'm part vampire. I'd choose a cool, rainy day most of the time over a bright sunny day. Don't know why...I've always been that way. Thunder and Lightening too. Yes, I'm weird. But then again God's people are supposed to be peculiar! So I'll head off for a stroll in the rain....

    Bless you sweet DeeDee!