Thursday, January 5, 2012

Breaking Up Christmas

Morgan, my son’s talented fiancé, has revamped my blog spot including the lovely photo used as the site header. The photo was taken as Theresa Garret (sister of the heart) and I were on our way to the Christian Communicators Conference in South Carolina. Theresa and I left my home in the Appalachian mountains of N.C. and stopped as this beautiful sunrise flooded our souls with joy while painting the ridges in shades of pink and purple. We huddled closer into our coats on this crisp October morning and Theresa took the picture. We sang a worship tune to our heavenly Father, watching the sun herald a new day. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Morgan and Theresa for the beauty and professionalism of my blog.

I hope each of my readers had a merry Christmas and I pray blessings for your new year. My hubby and I were extremely blessed to have our son, Brad, and Morgan with us as we reveled in family time, making the old farmhouse more merry and bright. We felt the hush of the silent night and rush of angel’s wings.

This Christmas brought unexpected visitors who have decided the farmhouse suits their needs just fine. The first visitor was a sweet mama cat and her three kittens that found refuge in our wicker rocker complete with a fleece throw for snuggling. 

The second visitor was a handsome rooster whom I (ever the romantic) believe senses the ghosts-of coops-past.

Once Christmas is over, the old custom of “breaking up Christmas” would begin deep in the mountains' hollows, ushering in a time of music, dancing and food. Folks would take turns going to each other’s home for two weeks after Christmas, possibly to extend the merriment of the holiday before the bleak winter reality set in. What a lovely idea; mountaineers were certainly good at making the best of any situation.

The farmhouse smells of my homemade vegetable-beef soup and melt-in-your-mouth biscuits (Morgan’s offering to our winter meal). I will give you the recipes on my next post. YUM!

Candles with their Christmas scents flicker as they burn down to their final layer. Yes, it is time to break up Christmas as the calendar gently reminds, but, like Tiny Tim, I choose to carry Christmas with me throughout the year.

Again, I pray blessings on you, sweet readers of my blog. As I watch the snow flurries dance by my window, I wish you warmth and shelter this New Year. May God grant traveling mercies as family members return to their homes after the holidays.

I hope you will come go home with me often this year.

Dee Dee


  1. Beautiful blog...beautiful picture...beautiful post...beautiful lady. I love you, sweet friend! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, Dee Dee! Love the rooster! Wish I were close enough to visit your farmhouse and break down Christmas. Hugs!

  3. Hi Deedee,
    Love your new blogpost. Love the mountains, love your gracious words that reflect our Savior's love. I would love to come home with you.

    Linked by His Love,
    Glenda mills

  4. OH MY GOSH -- LOVE the blog, and I want to hug Morgan for inspiring you!! You are so right about mountaineers making the best of things. I remember both my sweet grandmothers, with big families and little money, making the most magnificent celebrations.

    You know I'm one of the first in line to come go home with you this year. Love and hugs from the mountains of VA :)

  5. I miss you, my precious friend!! You and your darlin' hubby stay in my prayers. I can't wait to see you at Write2Ignite!!!!

    Beautiful new blogsite and lovely words.

    I love you!

  6. What a blessing to see your post today! The picture is breathtaking, as are your words. I look forward to reading your regular posts, Momma Dee! Much love to you...

  7. Dee Dee,

    My heart is rejoicing over your words. I am so happy to see your blog, so alive! Thank you for blessing us all.
    Can't wait to see you. On my way back from Chicago we stopped in Ashville for lunch, and I was thinking of you, hopping to see you. I know I will soon :) Love to you, and keep on writing.

    Adriana Vermillion

  8. What a lovely post to your blog, Dee Dee. I felt as if I were physically with you for the entire reading. I am going to enjoy following your blog. I pray you are doing well.

  9. Sweet Ladies,
    Thank you for all the encouraging comments.I have been so blessed by them all! I miss you and remember you in my prayers. Please come go home with me each week.
    you are loved,
    Dee Dee

  10. Dear, dear Dee Dee - - - what a beautiful site. I will visit often to smell the balsam of your sweet and deep writing! So glad we got to know each other better at conference.

    Love you! Verna

  11. Verna, thank you so much. I will feel your presence along with the other precious ladies here in the mountains. I treasure meeting you. Dee Dee

  12. And where is that picture of that handsome son of yours and his fiance?

    I love thee!

  13. Hey Deedee! I just saw a comment you made on Cathy's blog and learned that you have this blog! It looks great. Time for a new post! =o)