Here in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina a call often rings out. Come go home with me!

A lot of meanings are encapsulated within that one phrase. It’s used as a general goodbye, as an invitation to come visit for a spell, and an implied we will miss you until we are together again.

If you have visited before you will find a new look and feel in order to share a more authentic voice—a voice that reflects the heart and soul of Appalachia, and my love of the regional culture.

Each week on my blog, I’ll share a snippet of hollow life through a glimpse of Appalachian collections, an old-timey recipe, or perhaps a photo of the hollow’s beauty…whatever catches my fancy!

So, sweet reader, come go home with me. Grab a glass of ice tea, pull up a rocker, and let’s get to know each other a tad more.

Invite your friends…there is room for all on the porch and in my heart.

Love you bunches,

Dee Dee

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