Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy July 4th

by Dee Dee Parker
Happy 4th Thistledown Hollow
Dear Sweet Readers, 

Starting at 11:00 am at the fork of Rushie Creek, you know, where the little island is, we will be filling up both banks with family and friends. Come earlier if you want a great spot.  At 12:30 on the east side of the creek, we will start the line for feasting with friends. Everyone bring a meat and 2 sides. Desserts count as a side. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Be a Rainbow

by Dee Dee Parker
Welcome Sweet Readers,

Thistledown Hollow was pleased to have many visitors here for Father's Day. Both of our hollow churches were overflowing. The men honored on their special day were:

 Daniel Smith:  oldest father

 Justin Peterson: youngest father

Kirk Swanger slipped in right under the deadline and won the father with the most children when his wife, Cora, gave birth to the cutest twins, Cale and Gail Swanger. It was said in jest that Kirk was seen driving up and down Balsam Tree Road, the bumpiest road hereabouts, hoping Cora would have the babies before midnight.

In good hollow citizenship, Kirk shared his gift of two jars of honey with Wiley Kern, here before, always the father with the most children.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Celebrating Father's Day in the Hollow

by Dee Dee Parker

Welcome sweet reader,

Happy Father's Day!

Everyone here in Thistledown Hollow wishes the fathers in our community a Happy Father's Day! This issue of the gazette is aimed at celebrating you.

Preacher Amos and Pastor Otis send a reminder of the joint Father's Day service Sunday that will be held at Thistledown Hollow Baptist Church. It had originally been scheduled to take place at Pastor Otis's Ivy On The Rock Church, but due to a kitchen plumbing issue, it has been shifted to the Baptist church. Tine Sutton, head of the Moving on Up Ladies Group at Ivy On The Rock said there was no way they could handle the dishes with the plumbing having a mind of its own. Apparently,  Pastor Otis detected a hint of a smile when she delivered the news about the dishes.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Greening Up of the Hollow

by Dee Dee Parker 

Welcome Sweet Reader,

I love when the hollow starts to green up.

Sometimes, it seems like overnight all the trees take to budding. Along with the trees, the flowers also come into full bloom, leaving the hollow ablaze with a painter’s pallet of colors.

Lowell Keys said he had been digging in the chocolate cake soil of his yard for several weeks now. He said the dirt is so rich he thought a body could plant catalogue pictures of flowers and they would sprout. His sister, Darlo, who lives in another state, said her dirt was poorer than poor and that she just went ahead planted her flowers dead. Ha! Lowell is good at making funnies.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Let Me Introduce Myself

By Dee Dee Parker

Based entirely on the mental musings of Dee Dee Parker
Hi folks. 

My name is Ruby Lee Brown and I've lived in Thistledown Hollow almost all of my life. Except for when I went off to school. Missing my mountains was too hard on a body. I found my way back home before the ink on my diploma  had dried.

Since I know pretty much everyone here and have written a column or two, and seeing as how Sallie Mae Julie Justice has decided that her 19 grands and great grands need a might bit more of her attention these days, she has asked me to oversee the writing and editing of The Thistledown Hollow Gazette. Coy Washburn will keep doing the printing and delivery. But Sallie Mae said I could add my flair and flavor to it, if I thought a spot of it needed sprucing up. That was mighty kind of her. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Thistledown Hollow

By Dee Dee Parker
Thistledown Hollow

Dear Readers,


It's been a while since I've posted...there is a lot going on in this world, and much of it is concerning. As a needed respite from often repeated news reports, I hope to fix your mind's eye on a make believe hollow, one bearing a strong resemblance to the one I actually live in. Thistledown Hollow, our destination, and those who live there was birthed from my imagination. 

The information below will introduce you to a few of the Thistledown residents. I've learned to love these gentle people and hope you will too. I am working on a map of the hollow and hope to have it finished soon.