Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Is A-Comin’

We all have our harbingers of spring; mine is the crocus. My mother cared little for flowers and I had never heard of a crocus until I married and lived with my mother-in-law, Edna, for our first year as husband and wife.

My-oh-my, Edna did love her flowers! I think she was happiest among her throngs of beautiful blossoms and shiny leafed plants. Our first February as newlyweds, Edna introduced me to the purple, yellow and white plants that had fought their way through the mountain snow and ice. I had never lived through a mountain winter and thought spring was a thing I would never see again. Though I loved my new husband beyond words, I missed my mother and father and the early spring of lower South Carolina.

One cold morning, Edna showed me the crocus blooming, as if by magic, on either side of her walkway leading to the old farmhouse.

“Spring is a-comin’ for sure,” she said. “This little plant is a sure sign of it being on it’s way.”

I bent over and touched the purple bloom and felt that I, too, could survive the harshness of the winter months at my new home. I looked up at Edna, she as pretty as the flower, and a smile passed between us, two women loving the same man, and I knew I would survive more than just cold weather; I would survive and thrive during cold, bleak seasons that come to every marriage.

I saw Edna’s first crocus last week. I smiled and remembered the knowing look that passed between us forty-four years ago and bent down and touched the bloom planted by her caring hands.

Spring is a-comin’! Spring is a-comin’, my heart sings; not for a while, but a-coming for sure. I hope that encourages you sweet readers who are bogged in winter’s grip. I encourage you to plant your own little messenger of spring; you’ll be happy you did.

Words from an old gospel song comes to mind, “Heaven is a land of pretty flowers, Heaven is a land of spring.” How precious of our Lord to give us such good and beautiful gifts here on earth and the promise of more lovely gifts on high. My heart soars on the wings of the hope of heaven!!

I am getting excited about a writer’s conferences that is coming up; Write2Ignite on the campus of North Greenville University in March. I hope you will visit the link provided and view the opportunity this event has to offer new and seasoned writers. I look forward to learning and seeing old friends and making new ones.

Take care, sweet readers, until spring arrives, sit by the fire with a cup of steaming tea and luscious seed and bulb catalogues (“wish books”).

Come go home with me and if the tea doesn’t work for you, have a piece of warm, spicy homemade apple pie (with a cheese slice or a dollop of whipped cream) paired with a cup of coffee-milk; that in itself, a story for another time.

Blessings my sweet readers,
Dee Dee


  1. What a sweet story, Dee Dee, and how nice to still have those bulbs! Hugs from the mountains of VA :)

  2. This just makes me miss you even more.

    Love you sweet DeeDee!


  3. Dee, such a sweet story. It touched my heart. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Funny how flowers reminds us of time gone by and those we love. I think of my grandmother every time the old-timey jonquils begin to bloom in my yard. Sweet memories! Thank you for sharing yours with us. :)

  5. Thank you Susan. I loved the years my family lived in VA.

  6. I miss you Joy! I keep your sweet family in my prayers .Love you.

  7. Thank you Cathy. I cherish my memories and I cherish your friendship.

  8. Dee Dee - I am so blessed with your story. Spring is shining brightly here in Charlotte and flowers are blocking, however there is a winter in my heart. I have learned from your post to wait and look for the signs of Spring because they are there :) Thank you and love you!