Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mountain Pretty

Dear Readers, 

I have a book deadline staring me down. Now, while that is a good thing, it leaves me little time to do anything else...such as eat, bathe and sleep! 

I decided to share with you sweet folk a few of my recent pictures so as not to lose touch while I work on my Christmas novella. 

Hope you all had a wonderful July. Shucks, I’ll throw in a couple of my holiday pictures as well. 

I am so excited about revamping my blog this fall but will have to patient until the book is a wrap. So hoping you will love my new blog ideas and come go home with me often. The blog revamp will include a holler, a dog, and a whole lot of surprises. Sounds fun doesn’t it? It will be!!! 

Hope you are enjoying watermelon, family cookouts and one of my favorite things on earth…fireflies. 

Happy summer. Dee Dee


  1. You keep writing and we'll keep checking back to learn more about the holler and the dog. Can't wait! Beautiful pictures too, Dee Dee. :)

  2. Always enjoy visiting your holler! Thanks for the pictures and praying for you as you get your book finished :)