Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cows and Goats! Oh My!

It has been an interesting week here on the farm…wait a minute...I don’t live on a farm! My home was the centerpiece for a large farm many years ago but now all the land boasts is a small vegetable garden.

So let my tale begin…

I was at my desk, which sits in front of a window, writing to meet a fast approaching deadline. Something catches my eye out on my lawn…I blink my eyes to make sure I am seeing what I think I am seeing. A large white cow with black markings is standing in front of my window! Now, I live in a mountain hollow, and yes, my neighbors have cows. I call my neighbor and he chases the errant cow with me in tow for support. The cow is intent on keeping its new found freedom. Chase ensues. The cow is wrangled and the drama is over. Back once again to my writing.

Today, I am sitting on my bed, writing to meet the same deadline, when I hear a series, of what I interpret to be, baa’s for help. I jump up and head outside to find a black and white goat being chased by two dogs of the same color. Blink of eyes again to be sure of what I think I am seeing. I call a different neighbor (not the owner of aforementioned cow) who lives on a mountaintop across from me. No answer. I go plead with the goat to follow me to a place of safety on my porch. One dog follows us only to receive a rather stern head butting from the goat. I scream for my husband who is sleeping and unaware of goat/dog/writer conflict on porch. “Bring a phone and make it quick,” I call thru the window. Husband appears with phone and just shakes his head. In his defense, I am the one who fed an apparently lost and depressed rooster for several weeks after taking up residence on the same said porch where I stood. “Call Bob,” I said. "Quick." Bob is another neighbor who is a partner in crime in lots of my unrequested adventures. Bob arrives and after a long trek up the mountainside, we deliver the goat to his home.

Now, with that said, I am once again at my window…writing… and praying that all of God’s creatures are safe and happy at their respective homes.

Cows and goats! Oh My!


  1. Hey, those cows and goats know where the action is in that hollow! :) Wish I was there to enjoy the view.

    Love you!!

  2. Hahahaha! I love it, Dee Dee! Those are some smart creatures. They know where love is. :-)